ERISA, Disability, & Personal Injury Attorneys in Greenville, South Carolina

Since 2002, the Peace Law Firm has handled Long Term Disability, Life insurance, and Personal Injury cases on a Contingency Fee basis.

We believe in stepping up for the injured and mistreated. At the Peace Law Firm, you’re more than your case.

Whether you’ve been in a serious car accident and need help getting fair compensation or you’ve had an employment-related benefit claim denied, we want to help.

We represent real people, NOT Insurance Companies, Employers, or Group Benefit Plans.

Meet Disability & Personal Injury Attorney John Peace

John Peace founded the Peace Law Firm in Greenville, South Carolina in 2002. He has advised both lawyers and non-lawyers on Group Benefits cases and on other ERISA and Insurance Issues for over 15 years. Ultimately, John believes in helping individuals who are being mistreated by larger entities and companies. He has a passion for representing individuals, and focuses on disability claims, ERISA claims, and personal injury case for that reason. He doesn’t represent insurance companies or employers - he represents you. Learn More About John

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Jeffrey B. | Client

“Drove 5 hours in sleet and snow for our appointment. The Professionalism was super and was well pleased to get the great assistance with our issues. We anticipate great results.”

Charlene Q. | Client

“Best law firm you can use. The people really care about you and your needs. They care about your family. Only firm my family will use."

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