Employers often offer group life insurance benefits to employees, allowing workers to purchase life insurance coverage at a discount. In most cases, the life insurance company pays benefits to the beneficiary named in the life insurance policy without issue. However, insurance companies are always looking to keep money in their own pockets and frequently deny […]

Though walking instead of taking a car is better for the environment, it presents risks. Unfortunately, South Carolina isn’t a pedestrian-friendly state. Most people drive, and they may not show a caution toward the walkers and runners around them. South Carolina ranked as the third most dangerous state for pedestrians in 2015. The state’s pedestrian […]

While dogs are “man’s best friend,” this is not always the case. All dogs are not-so-distant relatives of one of the natural world’s fiercest predators: wolves. As a result, they sometimes attack and bite people. Dog attacks can cause serious physical harm and can even kill someone. In addition, dog bites or attacks can leave […]

If you have ever been in a car accident, you know that they are no laughing matter. Car accidents can cause serious injuries or death, extensive property damage, and a great deal of emotional strain. One of the most serious physical injuries you can suffer in a car accident is an invisible one. Internal bleeding […]

Car accidents cause damage in several ways. When we are in an accident, it can affect everything from our personal property to our physical and mental health. That is exactly why every state has rules on things like car accident liability, driver insurance requirements, and driver training requirements. You may be able to seek compensation […]

If you suffer from an injury or illness that keeps you from working for a while, you may be eligible for short-term disability in South Carolina. Short- and long-term disability benefits work similarly to workers’ compensation benefits, but the two are not identical. On the one hand, workers’ compensation covers injuries and illnesses that arise […]

erisa breach of fiduciary duty 1

A breach of fiduciary duty under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, better known as ERISA, is a serious breach of the relationship between a fiduciary and their client. If a fiduciary violates their duties under ERISA, you may be entitled to compensation and your fiduciary may be subject to discipline. Before you claim a […]

what is wrongful death

Losing a love one is always difficult. When the death is caused by negligence, it can feel even worse. Surviving family members deserve compensation in these cases, and the Peace Law Firm can help.

wrongful death value of life

The sudden and tragic death of a loved one is devastating. There are few words to describe accurately the emotions that relatives of the person who died must confront. The anger, frustration, despair, and grief take a massive emotional toll on everyone.  The sudden death of a loved one often imposes a substantial financial burden […]

8 Things to Know About ERISA Violations

ERISA is a federal law that provides certain minimum standards for benefit plans provided by private employers. These standards include certains rights employees have against their employers. If you are a member of a group benefit plan, it is important to understand what ERISA is, common ERISA violations, and what your rights are under this […]