What Does an ERISA Attorney Do?

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is a federal law that regulates many insurance plans and group welfare plans that are offered by private industry employers in the United States. While ERISA offers some very important legal protections for beneficiaries (workers and their family members), the law also stacks the deck in favor of […]

What Does an ERISA Attorney Do?

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) was passed in the 1970s to help shore up the nation’s pension system after a series of high-profile implosions. ERISA sets standards that plan administrators must follow that safeguard the pensions and make it less likely that they will go bankrupt. ERISA has also expanded to cover a […]

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Reasons You Can Bring an ERISA Claim There are many claims that you can bring under the ERISA statute. Congress wanted to give the law teeth, so you might be able to bring a claim for the following reasons: You want to enforce the terms of your plan after being unfairly denied benefitsYou want to […]

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ERISA is not a form of disability insurance It is important to realize that ERISA is not a form of disability insurance. Instead, ERISA is a federal law that will govern how a disability insurer will sign up plan participants, analyze their claims, and award benefits. In other words, it is a set of rights […]

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If your employer offers group long-term disability insurance, then you probably made a claim with the insurance company after falling ill or being injured. Once denied, you should begin considering whether to bring an appeal. To succeed on your denial of benefits claim, you’ll need to prove the following: You properly made your request for […]

ERISA Long Term Disability Relevant to You

If you have a group long term disability plan, then ERISA is definitely relevant for you. The fact is that many people will end up with a disability at some point in their working life. The statistics are staggering. According to the Social Security Administration, about 25% of 20-year-olds will have a disability before they […]

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There are many reasons that ERISA claims are denied. Your Notice of Denial letter from the insurer should spell out clearly why you were denied benefits. ERISA has set out requirements of what must be included in your Notice of Denial, including: The specific reasons for your denial.The plan provision relied on for denying you […]

ERISA Claims

If you need help, reach out to an ERISA Claims Lawyer today! What is ERISA? ERISA is short for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. Congress passed the legislation in response to events in the 1960s in which large companies went out of business and were unable to pay pension benefits to their […]

ERISA Appeal Folder

Need help with an ERISA appeal? Contact ERISA claims lawyer John Peace today! If you were denied a benefit, you must decide whether you want to ask the plan to reconsider its denial, which is the nature of an appeal. However, you must decide whether it is worth your time to bring an appeal. Asking […]