herniated disc in neck car accident settlement

A car accident is a terrible experience for all involved. Whether it’s you or a loved one involved in a crash, dealing with a wrecked car and an injured body is hard on everyone. However, if you’re able to show that it wasn’t you that caused the accident, you may be able to receive certain […]

car accident settlement amounts calculator

If you were in a South Carolina car accident and are considering filing a claim for damages, you probably want to know how much to expect from your settlement. That way, you can gauge any proposed settlement agreement to see whether it is fair and to avoid some potentially unsettling surprises in the process. Looking […]

Though walking instead of taking a car is better for the environment, it presents risks. Unfortunately, South Carolina isn’t a pedestrian-friendly state. Most people drive, and they may not show a caution toward the walkers and runners around them. South Carolina ranked as the third most dangerous state for pedestrians in 2015. The state’s pedestrian […]

If you have ever been in a car accident, you know that they are no laughing matter. Car accidents can cause serious injuries or death, extensive property damage, and a great deal of emotional strain. One of the most serious physical injuries you can suffer in a car accident is an invisible one. Internal bleeding […]

Car accidents cause damage in several ways. When we are in an accident, it can affect everything from our personal property to our physical and mental health. That is exactly why every state has rules on things like car accident liability, driver insurance requirements, and driver training requirements. You may be able to seek compensation […]

Concussions from a Car Accident Symptoms and Compensation

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of head injuries in the United States. According to the CDC, car accidents accounted for 18.7% of all deaths and 20% of all hospitalizations related to brain injuries in 2014. Concussions are a common type of brain injury that can result from a car accident. Unfortunately, many […]

Can I File An Insurance Claim Without a Police Report

At some point, almost all drivers will have the experience of filing a police report after a car accident and then dealing with insurance companies. But do you need a police report to file an insurance claim? Here, we answer that question and provide the process of best practices after a car accident. Do I […]

Is there an Average Car Accident Settlement in South Carolina

If you or a loved one sustained injuries in a South Carolina car accident that wasn’t your fault, you deserve justice and fair compensation for your damages—but how can you determine what a fair settlement might be for your claim? Depending on the details of your case, you could be eligible to pursue compensation for […]


Commercial trucks, because of their weight, size, and high travel speeds, pose a significant danger to other drivers on the road. For this reason, truck drivers and trucking companies are held to a high standard. If you were involved in a truck accident, you might be able to file a claim. A South Carolina truck […]

South Carolina Car Accident Laws You Need to Know

Were you involved in an accident in South Carolina? You may need a South Carolina personal injury lawyer. The sooner you reach out, the better we can help with your case. Contact Peace Law Firm today: 864-485-6970 If you were just in a car accident, you probably have a lot on your mind. Although it […]