average settlement for drunk driving accident

If you were in an accident with a drunk driver you may be experiencing several different emotions including anger, frustration, confusion, fear, and worry. Being in a vehicle accident with someone who just made a simple driving error is one thing. Still, it is another to sustain serious injuries because someone made the completely irresponsible […]

How to File an Accident Claim with the USPS

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has over 235,000 vehicles in its fleet, sharing the roads with drivers daily. Suppose you are involved in a motor vehicle accident with a USPS truck. You will take many of the same steps as if you were in a collision with any other vehicle, including calling 911 or […]

Uber Accident in South Carolina

Uber and other rideshare companies have become increasingly popular in the last decade. The prevalence of Uber on the road inevitably means more Uber-involved accidents. If you were recently involved in an accident, you might wonder, Who is liable in an Uber accident? It depends on the circumstances and who is at fault for the […]

What to Do After an Uber Accident in South Carolina

Ridesharing services like Uber are a perfect alternative to driving a car or using other means of public transportation. But the risk of car accidents in an Uber is the same as for any other vehicle on the road. You may wonder what to do after an Uber accident or what to do after an […]

Semi-truck accident claims are generally complex. Each case is unique, making it impossible to establish average time frames for answering the question, How long does it take to settle a semi-truck accident?  At the Peace Law Firm, we understand how important it is that you receive the compensation you need, and we are committed to […]

There are an estimated 1.2 million annual cases of whiplash in the United States, the vast majority of which are caused by vehicle accidents. If you or a loved one has experienced whiplash due to someone else’s negligent behavior, you may be entitled to compensation. Learn more about whiplash injuries and how to file a […]

What is the average settlement or payout for a whiplash injury? Naturally, whiplash victims want to know how much compensation they can expect from a personal injury settlement. Nationwide, there have been millions of whiplash lawsuits over the years, which gives an attorney a good idea of the potential payouts. However, because each individual’s whiplash […]

There is no specified average settlement for a herniated disc from a car accident because every case is unique. The severity, physical and emotional pain, medical care needed, and whether or not you'll be able to go back to work are all factors that can impact the payout for your herniated disc. For help with […]

who pays for accident with company car

Many employers provide company cars to their employees. Whether it is a bread delivery truck or a sedan for a pharmaceutical sales representative, the vehicle is intended for company use.  Though employees benefit from using a company car while working instead of racking up mileage on their personal vehicle, many people wonder, If I get […]