Do I Need a Lawyer to Handle My Property Damage Claim after an Auto Accident?

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Not every car accident causes bodily injuries.

For example, you might have parked your car to run into a bakery, only to have someone slam into it while you were inside the store.

Or someone could have hit your car when it was parked on the side of the street or in a parking lot.

Regardless of how the accident took place, you can receive compensation for property damage so that you can get your car fixed. But do you need a car damage lawyer to bring a claim? The answer is usually “no,” but there are exceptions.

Why Property Damage Claims Are Usually Easy to Resolve

If you suffered only property damage in a collision, then you usually don’t need an attorney because there really isn’t a dispute as to how much the claim is worth. Let’s say someone slams into your car while you are in a store. You will make a claim with that person’s insurer, who will assign an adjuster to your case.

This adjuster has one job—to figure out how much damage has been done. Generally, you are entitled to get your car fixed so it is in the same condition it was in before the accident. If your car was totaled, you can receive an amount equal to how much the car was worth before the accident.

There are usually few disputes. The insurance adjuster might recommend a body shop to take the car to, and this body shop will provide an estimate for the cost of repairs. If the adjuster has an objection to the cost of repairs (which is rare), they take it up with the body shop. You simply fill out some forms to submit to an insurer and then you should receive a check in the mail. It really is that easy in most accidents involving only property damage.

Why You Might Need a Car Damage Lawyer

You should consider hiring an attorney if there is any chance you suffered a bodily injury in the accident. Remember, some physical injuries take a day or two before they manifest. This is true of some back injuries and traumatic brain injuries, for example.

Insurance companies fight personal injury claims much more aggressively than property-damage-only cases for a couple reasons. One, there is usually more money at stake. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars to treat even relatively minor bodily injuries. If you need surgery for a broken bone, you could quickly run up a $10,000 bill.

Two, an injured victim can receive compensation for pain and suffering and other intangible losses, and it is harder to calculate how much these injuries are worth. An insurer could suddenly find themselves having to pay a sizeable settlement when body injuries are in play.

You will be at a distinct disadvantage if you do not have an attorney in your corner when filing a claim. You might even end up in court, where you would definitely benefit from a lawyer’s help.

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