How to Get a South Carolina Accident Report

Car accidents cause damage in several ways. When we are in an accident, it can affect everything from our personal property to our physical and mental health.

That is exactly why every state has rules on things like car accident liability, driver insurance requirements, and driver training requirements.

You may be able to seek compensation from an at-fault driver's insurance company, in a civil suit against the at-fault driver, or even from your own insurance company.

Whichever way you end up receiving compensation, an accident report will be integral in the process.

An important question then arises for South Carolina drivers: After an accident, how do I get an accident report in South Carolina?

What Is an Accident Report?

Quite literally, an accident report is a record and report of what happened in a given car accident. That is exactly why they are so important in the car accident claims process.

In addition to the standard form that explains the accident's circumstances, a South Carolina accident report may contain photographs of the accident, a videotape of the accident, and a fatality packet if someone dies during the accident. If an accident report involves you, it becomes a part of your official South Carolina driving record.

In most cases, law enforcement officers who report to the accident scene are responsible for filing the report.

However, in some situations, no law enforcement officer responds to the scene of an accident, and drivers are responsible for filing an accident report with the necessary agency.

Insurance companies use these reports to determine fault in an accident, which guides the claims process.

Getting South Carolina Car Accident Reports

In South Carolina, accident reports are sometimes known as collision reports. The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) records and retains copies of all South Carolina car accident reports.

Getting a copy of a car accident report in South Carolina is a relatively simple process. To do so, one must complete and submit SCDMV form FR-50 (request for collision report) and pay a $6 fee. To submit the form, you can either mail it to the address listed on the form, submit it online, or submit it in person to your local SCDMV location. 

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) covers South Carolina accident reports. As a result, accident reports are a matter of public record, and upon request, anyone can obtain them. However, unlike an accident report for an accident that involves you personally, a request under FOIA also requires a separate FOIA request form.

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