What is the Average Settlement for Suffering from a Concussion?

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Average Settlement for Suffering from a Concussion

Concussions are a form of traumatic brain injury (TBI) that occur when a person suffers a significant blow to the head.

For this reason, concussions are one of the most common injuries suffered by car accident victims, especially those who strike their heads against the steering wheel or a side window.

These injuries, however, are not limited to car accident victims, but can affect anyone who suffers a sudden blow to the head.

Severe concussions can cause permanent damage that results in disability and chronic pain, both of which can make it difficult or nearly impossible to secure employment, which in turn, can significantly impact a person’s ability to stay on top of mounting medical bills.

Fortunately, those who are injured in car accidents are often able to reach a settlement agreement with the individual or entity that caused their accident and so receive compensation for some or all of these costs.

For help determining whether you or a loved one could qualify for a settlement, please contact our dedicated car accident legal team today.

What is a Concussion?

Concussions are a form of TBI that are usually caused by a sudden blow to, or violent shaking of the head. The impact of the brain hitting the inside of the skull can cause a number of symptoms, including headaches, memory problems, difficulty concentrating, loss of balance, dizziness, nausea, slurred speech, and fatigue.

While some patients who suffer concussions experience some or all of these symptoms immediately, others may only experience them after a number of hours or even days have passed since the accident. Severe concussions can be fatal if left untreated through surgery or prescription medications, both of which can be extremely expensive.

Can I Obtain a Fair Concussion Settlement?

Those who suffer from concussions often undergo significant pain, stress, and anxiety, in addition to being required to pay for expensive treatments. Fortunately, accident victims who sustain these types of head injuries are often able to reach a concussion settlement amount that compensates them for these costs.

Whether the settlement negotiations involve your own insurer, or the individual who caused your injury, you’ll need an experienced personal injury attorney who can ensure that any settlement you reach is fair.

What Type of Settlement Can I Expect?

The exact amount that a person can receive in a settlement after a concussion-causing accident will depend in large part on the facts of his or her case.

Generally, however, a concussion victim can expect to collect enough to cover his or her:

  • Medical expenses;
    • In-home medical care costs;
    • Therapy costs;
  • Property damage;
  • Lost wages; and
  • Loss of earning ability.

In addition to these types of economic losses, accident victims could also receive an award for non-economic damages that compensate injured parties for their emotional distress, pain and suffering, anxiety, and depression.

Compensation for these losses will depend in large part on the severity of the injury in question, the amount of monetary loss sustained by the injured party, the victim’s recovery time, and the at-fault party’s degree of fault in causing the accident.

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