What’s the Average Personal Injury Settlement Amount in South Carolina?

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Personal injury is a broad field of law, covering bodily injuries caused by accidents.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, truck accident, or slip and fall, then you might have a valid personal injury claim.

At our firm, we negotiate with insurance companies every week to secure favorable personal injury settlements for our clients.

One question we receive regularly concerns average personal injury settlement amounts. People who have suffered an injury wonder how much money they are looking at or even if it is worth their time to sue.

In truth, it doesn’t make sense to talk about average personal injury settlement amounts. Instead, we should look closely at your case and estimate the amount of compensation you can receive.

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Are You Missing Out on a Fair Injury Settlement?

Accidents are expensive. After a car accident or slip and fall, you will probably be surprised by the following:

  • Lost income. If your injuries are serious, you probably can’t return to work for weeks or even longer. Many people lose considerable amounts of income after an accident.
  • Medical bills. Even seemingly “minor” injuries might cost thousands of dollars in medical care. More serious injuries might quickly cost tens of thousands of dollars—or more.
  • Property damage. Your vehicle might need repairs or need to be replaced if it is totaled. The person who caused the accident needs to pay for these repairs.

You should add up the amount of money lost. Get your pay stubs, proof of self-employment income, medical bills, and receipts. Typically, you can receive 100% of these economic losses.

Have the Injuries Significantly Impacted Your Life?

Victims can also receive compensation for pain and suffering in a personal injury settlement. This is a term that generally describes the reduction in the quality of life because of your physical injuries.

Imagine that you are so injured that you can no longer take long walks with your wife or you can’t enjoy your favorite hobbies. These losses warrant compensation, as does the pain and inconvenience that any bodily injury causes.

Calculating pain and suffering compensation is a little complicated. As a rule, you can receive more if your injuries are permanent and serious than if they are temporary. But arriving at a precise dollar amount requires the skill of an experienced South Carolina personal injury lawyer.

Were You Partially at Fault for Your Injuries?

Sometimes, people contribute to their own injuries by being negligent themselves. For example, you might have slipped on a puddle in a grocery store because you were reading a text message and not watching where you were going.

In South Carolina, you can still receive compensation so long as you were not more responsible than all other defendants.

In other words, you can be 50% to blame but not 51%. However, the amount you will receive is reduced by your percentage of fault. So your injuries might be worth $50,000, but if you are 40% to blame, you will only receive $30,000.

Getting Help for Your Injuries from an Attorney in South Carolina

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