When Should You Hire an Attorney for Slip and Fall Cases?

Hire an Attorney for Slip and Fall Cases?

Each year, millions of Americans are injured in falls. Some of them slip in a private residence, while others fall in businesses like grocery stores or on public property. Regardless of where the person fell, many have suffered devastating injuries that require expensive medical treatment.

If you have been injured, you might wonder when you should hire an attorney for slip and fall cases. The correct answer is "as soon as possible." Please contact Peace Law Firm to get started on your case.

Why You Need a Lawyer Now

Even if you only fell only yesterday, hiring a lawyer today is a huge benefit. For example, your lawyer can go to the scene of the accident and find information that is very helpful for you. Your lawyer might:

  • Take a picture of the hazard that caused you to slip (if you have not done so)
  • Talked to people who might have witnessed the fall
  • Get the name of the property owner's insurer, with whom you will need to make a claim

Your attorney will also have helpful tips for documenting the full extent of your losses after an accident. In particular, you should hold onto all medical bills and receipts. Your lawyer can also help you document your suffering and physical pain, which will prove critical for receiving full and fair compensation.

You also need to be careful in your communications with an insurer. This is where a lawyer is a real benefit. Your attorney can handle all communication, so you don’t accidentally slip up and say something you shouldn’t. There might come a time where you need to give the insurer your side of the story, but your lawyer will help prepare you and can listen in, clearing up any confusion that might arise.

Is it Ever Too Late to Hire a Lawyer?

No. Even if you have already been negotiating with an insurer for a settlement, you should still meet with an attorney before signing any settlement agreement on the dotted line. You never really know whether your rights are being fully protected or whether the amount offered is fair in light of your injuries.

A slip and fall attorney can help. At our firm, we have handled countless slip and fall cases involving relatively minor soft-tissue injuries as well as major, life-changing injuries, like brain damage. We can accurately appraise how much your claim is worth and negotiate for more compensation. Please contact us.

Affording an Attorney after a Slip and Fall

Costs are a legitimate concern for many people. Your injuries might be costing you thousands of dollars to treat, and who has money for a lawyer? Meet with us to discuss how we handle cases on contingency, meaning you don’t need to make an upfront payment of attorney’s fees. Instead, we only get paid if we win your case, which reduces the risk to our clients.

Contact Peace Law Firm today. We have offices in and are happy to meet with you for a free consultation.

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