who pays for accident with company car

Many employers provide company cars to their employees. Whether it is a bread delivery truck or a sedan for a pharmaceutical sales representative, the vehicle is intended for company use.  Though employees benefit from using a company car while working instead of racking up mileage on their personal vehicle, many people wonder, If I get […]

Trucking accidents and its average settlement in SC.

Trucking is a crucial industry in South Carolina. The state is home to a robust network of airports, seaports, major railways, and highways. With an abundance of commercial vehicles on the road, it is crucial to be conscious when driving, as accidents involving a big rig are usually devastating.  If you have been in an […]

What is the statute of limitations for motorcycle accidents in South Carolina

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in South Carolina, your first priority has probably been tending to your injuries. Once you have sought medical care, the next thing you should do is speak to a South Carolina personal injury lawyer. Accident victims often do not realize that from the moment of the […]

motorcycle accident injury settlement

A motorcycle accident may be one of the most traumatic experiences in your life. Along with the pain and uncertainty you are no doubt going through, you likely have ever increasing expenses as a result of your accident.  If you’re trying to figure out how you’ll pay these unexpected bills, you may be wondering about […]

Statute of limitation for trucking accidents in South Carolina.

Trucking is responsible for most of the overland freight movement in the United States. South Carolina is uniquely positioned between major commercial hubs on the east coast, along with ports for shipping cargo, so it is no surprise that the trucking industry is booming in the Palmetto State.  With so many trucks on the road, […]

demand letter timeline

Please Note: The Peace Law Firm is licensed to practice only in North Carolina and South Carolina. Following a personal injury accident, you are likely struggling financially. Medical bills are stacking up, you are missing time from work, and now you're unable to pay other household expenses. You will typically send a demand letter to […]

Denied Long-Term Disability

Have questions about long-term disability coverage? Contact disability attorney John Peace to schedule a free, fully confidential case consultation: (864) 298-0500. Today, an increasing number of Americans face the denial of long-term disability coverage. Unlike social security disability, your employer provides long-term disability coverage through an insurance company. The coverage is governed by a federal […]

Average Settlement for Suffering from a Concussion

Suffering from a concussion? We can help you get the personal injury settlement amount you deserve. Contact concussion settlement attorney John Peace to schedule a free, confidential case review: (864) 298-0500. Concussions are a form of traumatic brain injury (TBI) that occur when a person suffers a significant blow to the head. For this reason, […]

subject to erisa

Have questions about ERISA? Contact ERISA attorney John Peace to schedule a free, confidential case consultation: (864) 298-0500 Understanding Your Rights Is the Key to Ensuring Your Employer Pays You All Your Benefits  ERISA, short for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, is a federal law that protects employees who participate in their […]